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Khemmis Desolation Review

Khemmis continues to impress with their 3rd album in 4 years. Their blend of traditional heavy metal with darker elements from doom metal leads to a style all their own. Fans of traditional heavy metal will love the incredible range of singing and arpeggio lead guitar riffs, while doom fans will bang their head to the chugging of the guitar and the echoing war drums in the rhythm section. This album continues their run of great albums, retaining their heavy sound while bringing more more hard rocking solos. This is immediately apparent in the album single, “Isolation”, which starts off fast with a descending solo and never lets up. The final and longest track on the album, “From Ruin”, showcases more of their doom roots. “Bloodletting” and “Flesh to Nothing” are also standout tracks. Best listened to while gazing out the arrowslits at the enemy below.