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KSUA is the student-run radio station of the University of Alaska Fairbanks. We're 100% non-commercial, non-sponsored, and our volunteer DJs play music you won't hear on any other station.

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rara avis 5/22/2016 all tracks by autechre except when noted 8:00 pm bike slip flutter second scepe PIOBmx clipper latent quarter Krib 9:00 pm gescom – Key Nell  tewe arch carrier 777 zeiss contarex eidetic casein uviol Gantz Graf 10:00 pm gescom – Iss:Sa surripere WNSN krYlon irlite (get0) artov chain 13×0 step spaces how


Rara Avis 4/24/2016

rara avis 4/24/2016 8:00 pm Huerco S. – Transit (See See Rider) Tessela – Luv Mix Blawan – Diatonic Valves Blondes – inner motive Parassela – A1 Parassela – Untitled (ft. Pariah) South London Ordnance – Contact Lucy – Finnegan (Pariah Remix) Slam – Make You Move Blawan – Rubber Industry Tessela – Total Music

ratatoing lol

Rara Avis 3/27/2016

Rara Avis 3/27/2016 Tracklist 8:00 oneohtrix point never – bubs spencer nilsen – st. gabriel’s mask laurel halo – nebenwirkungen lukid – manchester huerco s – skug commune actress – shadow from tartarus autechre – tankakern phoenecia – IV port pinch & shackleton – levitation demdike stare – mnemosyne aphex twin – tha polygon window