Takeout with Dangerlot

"Husband" written and performed by Dangerlot. Checkout more of Dangerlot's music here: https://dangerlot.bandcamp.com/ Video Produced by Connor Grasso Sound Produced by Phil Glowa

Takeout with lexxi

Lexxi sends it while performing "Sunset" at their first LIVE show! Lexxi is a new band out of Fairbanks, Alaska consisting of 4 local college musicians. Lexxi's sound perfectly corroborated with the local scene which made for an amazing event.

A recap of the KSUA/UAF Concert Board's trip to SXSW 2017. Consisting of live conferences in business, marketing, music, film, gaming, technology and more, music showcases, interviews, and panels, all in just a matter of 6 days, the crew was very busy creating, networking and participating in events constantly.


Aaron Shadrow from Internet Fashion label performs "There Are So Many People In My Head" off his album Nighttime Echoes. Check his music out at internetfashion.bandcamp.com