This Post is Not About Politics

This post is about Community.

This post is about the fact that as a radio station we are unique and all inclusive. As a radio station we are a student run, student governed, and volunteer dependent. As a radio station we serve our community, and we encourage community members to be involved. We provide opportunities to students, faculty, staff and members of the Fairbanks community at large to have a voice on the airwaves. We are a small staff that works part time while taking a full load of classes to keep the spirit of college radio alive on our campus. Our volunteers make us what we are. Our jobs as staff are to serve the organization of KSUA and our community above all else.

Recently we have experienced some changes in our structure as a student media group. We will be sharing an office with the Sun Star, who will now be called Ursa Minor. We will be in the Wood Center. Our new studio will be fully functional within the next week. This is a lot of change for us but we are centered as a group on the goals of the station. To provide opportunities for students to share their voices. To give students the experience of managing a radio station in a lab environment. To give volunteers the chance to create radio content that is not censored by political or commercial agendas. KSUA is more than just an organization of ASUAF. We are an autonomous media entity. We are the voice of the students, alumni and our community. We are committed to keeping our doors open as a public service to this community. Our history informs us how to create a space that is powered by the student employees that have always managed this station and are supported by the community created by our organization. 

I want to thank the former employees of the station that have dropped by over the last week. They have shared stories, wisdom, history and marveled at our now AC equipped station. They have reminded us why we are here and who we serve. They have reminded us that KSUA is truly the student’s radio station and how important student run and governed spaces are. How essential it is to have student media and how hard generations of students have worked to maintain KSUA as an autonomous entity.

We are the voice that we create. We have the choice and the power to keep KSUA as a student run, student powered space.

These things being said, our state, our university and our community will be affected by the governor’s recent veto in one way or another. For this reason we will be recording the town hall meeting tonight. We strive to provide information to our community to give people the chance to hear and know what is being said and done about the state of the budget proposal, it’s veto and how our community is reacting to the current situation. We believe in a community’s power to have its voice heard.

We’re not here to tell anyone what to think or how to act we are here to provide information. It is my hope that everyone will have as much access as they need to the information available.

The Town Hall Meeting will be held at the theater of the Pioneer Park Civic Center at 5:30pm this evening and KUAC will be covering. Make sure to tune in to KUAC to listen to stay updated.