What’s New on the Station This Week

Happy Friday everyone!

New and Interesting Things Playing On KSUA This Week:

Open Corner - Empty Pool to No One

Open Corner is a collaboration from Asha Sheshadri and Christian Mirande. Asha Sheshadri is a multimedia artist working out of Philadelphia, PA. Open Corner is a new project for her, she is the leading force behind Isolde Touch as well. My favorite tracks are “Arcadia” and “Dancing with a Vacuum” can be found on their website.

Asha Sheshadri and Christian Mirande can both be found on SoundCloud.

Sassy Black and THEESatisfaction

Photo  credit

Photo credit

Catherine Harris White is now Sassy Black her original neo-soul sound is filled with beautiful melodies and complex harmonies, check out this video for “Glitches” from The New Black Swing. Although they are no longer producing music as a duo, her earlier project THEESatisfaction is independent hip hop mixed with smooth beats., check out “Recognition”. Sassy Black has a new album out this month called Discovery of Self, you can find it on bandcamp. You can find Sassy Black and on Twitter, and her personal site is here.

Folkways Lappish Joik Songs From Northern Norway

Heard some Joiking on the Radio lately? I’ve added a few different Sami artists over the past weeks. This compilation of Lappish Joik Songs from Northern Norway was released in 1956, you can download all the liner notes from the Smithsonian Folkways website. The liner notes are dated but full of facts about the Lappish or Sami people. My favorite Joikers on this album are:  Per Henderak Haetta No. 1-22 and  Inga Susanne Haetta No. 25 -27. Check out the album on Spotify.

And now the moment you’ve all been waiting for:

Drum roll….

DJ Selection of the Week:

R. Gabriel Hill, Strange and Beautiful music Sundays 4 to 6pm

Nicola Cruz - Siku


Nikcola Cruz’s latest album Siku is electronic beats and acoustic Ecuadorian music. He was born in France to Ecuadorian parents. He currently lives in Quito, Ecuador in the Andes. Gabe suggests the tract “Criancada”. His personal site can be found here, check out some of their awesome work on YouTube, or the entire album on Spotify.

Kellie Lynch