Introducing our new Music Director!

Hi my name is Kellie. I was raised by wolves in the suburbs of Fort Wayne Indiana. Then captured by Alligator Swamp Fiends in the sewers of the mid Jersey turnpike. I made my mistake of hitching a ride on a giant flesh eating bat and fell off into a tar pit in Eastern Washington. Surviving the tar pit I crawling to the great waters of Puget sound where I lived under the Fremont bridge amongst blood-pact relatives of a secret society of trolls. I retreated to a forested mountain and planted a garden in a humble monastery of silence. Descending the mountain I joining a troupe of traveling circus sales women and we flowed to the southern tip of the continent. Alas the sisterhood was broken by hurricane ravaged floodplains and I journeyed to the north.

And then KSUA bestowed upon me the title of Music Director and all was good.

I am a musician, composer and performance artist. Over the years my interest in neo-classical music has led to interests in noise, electronic, hip hop, folk and strange sounds in general. I find solace in the writing and music of Pauline Oilveros and Laurie Anderson. I believe that there is music in all sounds and non-sounds. John Cage and Morton Feldman are large influences on my personal art and composition. I also am working on several projects in ethnomusicological research. At the present I am building a Gamelan for community use.

I would like KSUA to be a resource for discovering music and creating connection within our community. My personal radio show is Music of the People on Thursday evenings. I feature new music from indigenous artists from around the world. I think live radio is a common grounds for humanity and I hope to help create a station that appeals to our diverse and eclectic listeners.

Here is a playlist of some of my favorite composers, artists, and new music I have been listening to lately:

Copy of Oliveros_Beethoven1.jpg
Kellie Lynch