Indigenous Peoples' Day

This year October 8th KSUA will be hosting a special all day event for Indigenous Peoples' Day. Gov. Bill Walker signed Indigenous Peoples’ Day into law 2017. UAF officially started to recognize the holiday on campus the same year, and we are proud to begin to host the radio broadcast of the event this year. This year our broadcast on October 8th will feature stories from Inupiaq Elders, traditional drumming, the history of Traditional Native tattooing, and much more. We are inviting all members of Alaska’s indigenous community to share their stories, history, and culture with KSUA listeners. If you’d like to reach out to someone about Indigenous Peoples' Day please contact Jack Ewers (907)-347-6943 or, or Kellie at (503)-828-4909 KSUA’s studio can be found on UAF Campus 3rd floor of the Constitution Hall building.

For a list of the day’s scheduled broadcast check out the spreadsheet. Please keep in mind that the schedule might change during the broadcast.

Kevin Swenson