Latest release by Sharp Cheddar, a new label by Perris Dietrich (Shisa) that seems to be replacing his previous label, Hopesick Cola. The opening track is heavy, distorted, with sludge guitars, horns and oboe toms. It rises into a crescendo and turns into an epic rock ballad. “pillow fight + tokyo race” is completely different sounding. It starts out with a slowed down vocal with brevity and piano, then a house melody cuts in and out. Eventually the song rides and bass claps tweak in. There is a moment of silence before everything takes a turn in a whole ‘nother direction. “LOVE [remix]” is a chopped and screwed Korean rapper. Its really well done.

genre: devotional hardcore



Ill Goth is another new label started by Ann Drew Lou from Vancouver, BC. The label’s mission statement is posted in their bandcamp description as: “began from the resonance of intersecting points // forced identity.” “Absolute Destruction of Control II” is a compilation including 8 separate artists.

The first track is by Max Renn titled “STAMINA.” The track has glowing synths and retro drum machines. While Renn’s song is more minimal techno, Neon Annex follows up with a synthwave techno hybrid. Its hits really hard and is quick to infect. Its like hard 80s with an instant 90s afterwards. “Introjection” is the name of that song.

RiDylan return to the minimal wave sounds in “Backlit”, a very cyberpunk song. Usd. creates the song “SORM-3” with very abrasive textures in an industrial manner. It’s easily one of the most experimental tracks on this compilation. “subterfuge 2” by Matt Tecson and Tom Prilesky is a mixture of ambient noise and techno.

NAP’s “MC03” uses very contrasting elements to bring out a very spiritual experience. There are deep pummeling drums, soft wind, cutting arps and heavy breaths. “Guzen” by thegn is very straightforward and would fit well with any fighting game or inner city stroll.

genre: ebm


Yeule – Pathos

Yeule is an electronic artist based out of London, UK. I had first heard of her through her self titled release with Zoom Lens. At the time of that release, I believe she was based out of Singapore, Malaysia. “pathos” is a less pop-oriented than her self-titled with Zoom Lens and it definitely feels like a more personal album.

“Desire” is very drifting and longing. It reminds me of a My Bloody Valentine song without all the guitars and Kevin Shields. “Tint” carries a mood-intensive rhythm and yet everything sounds perfectly placed. It maximizes with only a drum track, keyboard, vocal and percussion.

“Soul Catcher” is another downtempo ambient track. It is happy but melancholy at the same time. Everything sounds bare and cold, but the melody is happy.

genre: bedroom landscapes

Connor Grasso