DJ Proposal Application


KSUA is a student operated college radio station whose primary purpose is to provide:

  • Programming and music that is desired by the students of UAF.
  • Programming and music that is unavailable to the community.
  • Training and radio experience to those students interested in a broadcasting career.


  • First Time KSUA DJ’s are required to host a dayshift alternative show for one semester prior to applying for a speciality show. Dayshift shows are 6 a.m. – 6 p.m. Monday through Friday.
  • Dayshift shows consist of current music from the KSUA playlist, listener requests and some of the DJ’s own favorites. Variety is important.
  • Volunteers may apply for more than one show, but must submit separate applications for each show. Priority will be shown towards ensuring all DJ’s have a slot before accepting another show.
  • DJ’s should be prepared to donate/volunteer some time outside their regularly scheduled show. This can be done be recording PSA’s, reviewing new music or working with KSUA Staff on other projects.
  • DJ’s are expected to understand and comply with all FCC Guidelines, University of Alaska rules and regulations and KSUA policies and procedures.
  • The staff has the right to preempt normally scheduled programming if necessary.
  • Speciality shows may not share a format with a commercial program already available in the Fairbanks area and must adhere to our Mission Statement stated above.
  • Speciality show DJ’s must have enough music and material to support a show for 18 weeks.