Yeule “Coma” Review

One label that I will always hold near my heart is Zoom Lens.  Living in Fairbanks, I always found myself at odds with the music I enjoyed, and the music that was available to experience live.  That finally changed when I joined an event in the summer of 2014 to watch the label and most of its roster perform live over the web.  It was a normal summer day (actually it was kind of a surreal day), in the KSUA CD Library, and it wasn’t raining outside for once.  I had been having a hard time ever leaving the office with all the music at my fingertips due to campus wi-fi.  And one day while adding music to the automation, I stumbled upon this Zoom Lens X Glitch City event that had just started.  The only members of Zoom Lens I was familiar with at the time were Meishi Smile, The Blinda Butchers, ans i-fls.  Seeing them all together having met each other over the web, and having the time of their lives, passionately living out their musical fantasies, I was touched in the utmost sincere way.  And since, I have always tried to keep up with the label’s steady and solid output.


Anyway, this post is supposed to be about the new Yeule record, and Garrett of Meishi Smile was kind enough to let me preview it before it’s official release, so I’m obliged to write this even though I don’t work/volunteer at KSUA, let alone live in Fairbanks anymore.

I just finished listening to one play through of the album at the time of writing, and my thoughts are, I wasn’t paying close enough attention to all the intricacies and details, but I felt like I was floating on a cloud that was actually a turtle and I was really underwater the whole time.

Other than that, I felt like it had more intensity than her release at the end of last year, and sonically slightly reminded me of Aseul’s “New Pop” and TRINITI’s “Basillica”.  But I’ll give it another listen and share my thoughts


Yeah, I love this album.  I think everybody should go buy it as soon as it’s out.  The first track is just really peaceful, and makes my restless nerves just contain themselves while my imagination feels like it’s escaping a correctional facility.  There aren’t any words, just blissful blisters popping off.


The single, “I Saw You In My Dreams Last Night”, introduces lyrics and FREINDZONE-esque pitched vocal sampling.  It’s highly emotional, like myself writing this review.  Brace yourself.

“Death Of an AI” is kind of like a single too (because it came out before the rest of the album, and can be streamed today), and it has a very uplifting /please/-type sound.  I don’t know why, but it makes me feel like I’m at Target way too late in the day to be at Target, and I keep finding all this stuff that I think I need, but then I realize I can’t afford it, and I’m really happy, because I never really needed any of it.


Oh “Separation Anxiety”… that word pairing only brings one thought to mind, and that is the feeling of having to leave someplace I want to stay.  This song captures that feeling quite well, and allowed me to reconcile with it.

“How Could I Forget You” is my very favorite song, because it so densely layered, and allows my emotions to run free.  Thanks Yeule for setting my emotions free.  Thanks Zoom Lens for providing artists with a platform to reach people like myself.  Thanks KSUA and Jeremy Smith for hosting this review on the site.


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