Review of Yung Lean’s “Warlord”

Opener is good.  Its a little sesh or schemaposse by way of guitar melancholia.

Mike Dean and Karman are some new producers.  Gud and Sherman are collabbing.

Sherm and Gud dish out an impressive beat on “Fantasy” which has a new guy named Lil Flash.

“Afghanistan” is about Afghan kush.  We get to hear Whitearmor on the beat with Yung Gud.

“Hoover” is different than anything Yung Lean has done before, unlike the rest of this album.

“Fire” is the most floating.

“Eye Contact” feels slopped on.  Its one of Lean’s slowest in delivery, but the s/o to his enemies was real nice of him.

“More Stacks” reminds me of the transition from ‘Unknown Death’ to ‘Unknown Memory’, where Lean is trying to be a better singer, and production is branching out with new techniques.

The build into the last chorus of “AF1s” is pretty good.  Unfortunately Ecco2k’s verse wasn’t very impressive.  It was on par with Bladee’s in “Highway Patrol”, but both have done better in their solo material.

“Hocus Pocus” has distorted vocals and the most energy since “Hoover”, but less brooding, more uplift.  Bladee is very classic and sincere.  I actually love his voice in this one.

“Shawty U Know What It Do” is  super saiyan.

Yung Leandoer goes really hard on “Miami Ultras”.  This is no chill.  The distortion make the lyrics blurry, as well as the delay.

I don’t give a mutherfack, watchin Star Wars smokin pot!

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