October 26th Music Reviews

Artist: METZ
Album: S/T
Rec’d Tracks: 1, 4, 5, 7, 8
Comments: A return to distorted guitar work, and ambitious flagrant screams, invokes a messy love for noise often forgotten in the electronic dabbling in this digital age of music. METZ could really give a rat’s ass if your fancy snyth or drum-pad can make some ‘neat’ sounds. Drums, guitars and persistent vocal strain are again proving to be all it takes to be effective. Blasting through one track to the next with an abandon completely unhinged is something that takes practice. Performing crap noise rock is easy. But effectually honing hours upon hours of practice to produce noise that sounds like a mess, but in all actuality is a pristine nod towards everything that makes punk rock great is a feat completely deserved and unseen these days. METZ successfully brings the excitement of seeing a band live, and conveys that on record perfectly.
Genre: Noise Punk

Artist: Sleeper
Album: EP
Rec’d Tracks: 1, 2, 3, 5, 6
Comments: Distinct vocals continue to be the driving force behind a band’s ability to remain memorable in a lot of people’s minds when trying to sift through the plethora of indie rock bands. That being said, Sleeper here does just that. Refreashing but familiar, Paul Olsen’s solo moniker indicates the way this EP comes across to the listener. Nothing here is groundbreaking, but that isn’t necessary, and thus ‘Sleeper’, can aptly describe the vibe Olsen is reaching for. These songs can be imagined accompanying a hazy mid-morning wake up; a rustling out of unconsciousness that invokes familiar sounds, with the want of hearing it again just to know why it woke you up to begin with.
Genre: Indie Pop


Artist: Cody Chesnutt
Album: Landing on a Hundred
Rec’d Tracks: 1, 2, 4, 7, 10
Comments: Well it took ten years for Mr. Chesnutt to get back in the swing of things since finding overwhelming success with that one track everyone knows he did with The Roots. You can pretend you don’t, but the Seed 2.0 was the perfect blend of soul, hip-hop, and funk back in 2002, and it was heard everywhere. Chesnutt has spend his dear precious time, hopefully realizing he better take that success and not squander it with a lackluster follow up. While I may argue ten years is a bit long to contemplate such a return, regardless he’s back and as joyful, upbeat, and ambitious as ever. 70’s Marvin Gaye soul shines through, while including Isley Brothers funk intermingled throughout to keep a ‘classic’ feel that is much appreciated by the modern soul listener.
Genre: Soul/Funk


Artist: Rubblebucket
Album: Oversaturated EP
Rec’d Tracks: 1, 2, 3, 4
Comments: This five song set list is appropriately setting up Rubblebucket’s next ‘thing’. What that is, who cares. An EP a lot of times is a tough thing to shift from, to, around, and around. It is enough content to pique interest and withhold an opinion, but as its egotistical purpose, it leaves the listener wanting more, and then makes you selfishly wait… So you have two options; enjoy the great taste a band has given you towards what their potential is, or get pissed that their next release is probably going to disappoint you. Either way, denying THIS music presented reputable acclaim is unnecessary. Sporting a horn section that brings an upbeat dance funk to the next sized sound, along with catchy choruses drive Rubblebucket through a transition of ‘Rustedtinshit’ (that’s what I would have called them if they sucked snot-rockets) to alluring listenable snyth-pop.
Genre: Snyth Pop

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