Interview with STVY RVRE of Black Marble Collective

KSUA: What is Black Marble Collective?
STVY RVRE: Black Marble Collective is a forward thinking record label based out of Los Angeles CA. We reach out to up and coming producers from around the world ( L.A. – SF – NYC – UK – Paris – Japan – ETC) no matter how popular, to create an eclectic compilation series that highlights the future of good dance music. We support all underground forms of Bass Music; Future Bounce, Jersey Club, Juke, Nu-Soul, The Kawaii Sound, Footwork, Sample Based Music, R&B, Hip Hop and Chillwave. With us, no genre is safe.


We have been around since April of 2015 when we debuted “The Beginning LP” and did a record release party with Sinjin Hawke and Venus X!
Since then we have released a total of 6 compilations as well as many singles and EPs. Over 100 Songs!
  • 2017 Paradiso – Some Time Ago EP Album | Self-Release
  • 2017 Kíruma – How Did We Get Here (Single & Remixes) Album | Self-Release
  • 2016 Volume 5 Album | Self-Release
  • 2016 Trappin Ain’t Dead IQ Remix Single | Self-Release
  • 2016 Kayy Drizz x Black Marble Collective Spring Mix Mixtape | Self-Release
  • 2016 Volume 4 Album | Black Marble Collective
  • 2015 Anna Fruit x Black Marble Collective Summer Mix Mixtape | Self – Release
  • 2015 Whipped Cream x Black Marble Collective Winter Mix Mixtape | Self – Release
  • 2015 CJ Milli x Black Marble Collective Spring Mix Mixtape | Self – Release
  • 2015 J-Dilla Tribute Album | Black Marble Collective
  • 2015 Volume 3 Album | Black Marble Collective
  • 2015 Volume 2 Album | Black Marble Collective
  • 2015 The Beginning Album | Black Marble Collective

Black Marble Collective has been featured on BBC 1XTRA | XLR8R | NEST HQ | Future Beats Radio | Complex Magazine | Magnetic Magazine | Future Bounce Radio | Earmilk | The Music Ninja | IHEARTCOMIX | This Song Slaps | Kick Kick Snare | EDM Sauce | Magnetic Magazine | Walmer Convenience | FUTURE TRAX JAPAN | Stoney Roads | TILTmag | Cassette Blog Mexico | Nerdy Frames | Hall Of Fame Records & More!

Previous shows include: Brooklyn | L.A. | Hollywood | Vegas | Portland | Oakland | San Francisco | Austin

Black Marble Collective has shared previous bills with: Giraffage | Sliink | Pomo | Sinjin Hawke | Venus X | 6BLOCC | Mike Gao | StarRo | Plastician | Slow Magic | TASO | DJ TAYE | Sinistarr | Young Luxemburg | DJ SEGA | JHEAT | Alizz | Ase Manuel | BLVK SHEEP | Gangsigns | DEV79 | Swimwear | Javascript | Late Night Laggers | FreshTilDef | I.Q. Beats | Fan Fiction | Anna Morgan | Sha Sha Kimbo | BastienGoat | TEKLIFE | Juke Bounce Werk | Behind City Lights Crew

AF: What is the future of the collective?
STVY RVRE: Well, we have so much to announce for 2K17!
This year it looks like we’ll be doing only one compilation. I know I know! BUT DON’T BE SAD! This year we have switched gears and are highly focused on dropping EP’s and Singles from our producers. High quality original content of forward thinking music!
We can hint about what is to come this year. This all has yet to be announced publicly so you are the first to know. 😉
January: Kíruma – How Did We Get Here (Single & Remixes)
April: Kíruma Self-Titled EP & Remixes (OUT NOW)



May: Venessa Michaels x Black Marble Collective 2K17 Spring Mix
June: Frenquancy – Starfunk EP + Singles & Remixes
Remixes by: Pixelord | Javascript | Deep Shoq | Paradiso 
Late June: Black Marble Collective Westcoast Tour?! (PENDING)
July:  Anna Morgan – Grace (Single & Remixes)
         Remixes by: A.Fruit | Sus Bitch & More
AF: What did you come away with from the experience in Austin during the week of SXSW?  
STVY RVRE: Well I must say this year at SXSW it was the largest gathering of Black Marble Collective producers yet. It was so great to get our producers from all over the country to come together. The friendships that started URL to finally come together IRL has been a dream for sometime. The friendship was instant and the comradery was nothing I have felt before. It was truly a great experience not only for the crew but all our artists friends from other labels and supporters. Bonds that will go on for years to come.
AF: Is there a favorite food of the collective? 
STVY RVRE: Ramen, Phò, Sushi, Beer and Pizza I would say.

AF: Are there any Black Marble Collective music videos or choreography videos?

STVY RVRE: We would love to see our fans busting choreography videos to our music! (Taking submissions now <3) Totally down for that!
As far as our current music videos our producers Kíruma & Paradiso both have some awesome official music videos out that both have gotten support from the infamous XLR8R Music Magazine. Links Below.
Paradiso – Come For Your Fire
STVY RVRE: Thanks for agreeing to do this interview.  I’ll let you know if I think of anything else 😉
AF: Thank you!! Same!
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