Interview with Miles Farewell

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 8.02.11 PMFrom bandcamp, “The debut mixtape of Miles Farewell! 16 tracks of introspection and angst with a bit of humor sprinkled in to light the mood”.  I wish I could say it better.  Listen to this album, and you will find out that Miles is very honest and real.  Being his debut, some of the ideas sound rough around the edges, but altogether form a cohesive narrative summarized by the borders on the album’s artwork.Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 8.02.05 PM

Favorite Tracks:  1, 3, 5, 7!, 9,  10!, 12, 15!!, 16

A: What was the inspiration for your album, “Habitual Quitter: I Am Not An Adult”?

M: Intense self-loathing basically. I was very unhappy with where I stood as an artist and was driven to have something of mine to truly offer. This album stands testimony to that and gives off something of an “eager” vibe. At times you can really hear the determination to move ahead even though there’s no direction aside from what I’m giving myself.

A: I could hear that, especially in “Atychiphobia” and “My Calling“. Overall, I would say the album feels very complete. With the intro and outro especially. I first heard you on Mona Lisa’s “IDK IM HAIGH”. What made you decide to pursue being a vocalist as well?

M: Oh yeah I remember that song. Made the beat back in 2011 when I was using fl studio. Those were the days. Shouts out Triniti (that’s her new name) being a vocalist was something I had always wanted to do but would sometimes shy from it as a confidence issue. I started rapping with my friend Dante (who has gone by Deezerific Vitamins and Dankte) after our garage rock duo split up but I was always kind of more in the background with that. At least maybe that’s how it felt. Him and our friend Michael (rap name Michael Seuss) encouraged me to rap more and do projects of my own. Big ups to them for that.

A: Ah I see their names now in the thanks section on your bandcamp. You are Dior Sentai?

M: Yeah that’s our crew. we are a team of like-minded who enjoy making music and grew up watching anime and all that good stuff<3 A: I love anime. Manga as well. Is Yung Salad a part of that? Also, whose girl was sending you 'such mean things' in "#UHurtinMeGurl“?

M: Yung salad is not a member but he is a close affiliate. he hit me up and someone who enjoys our music and was interested in collaboration. We’ve been friends and working closely ever since. He’s inactive at the moment but that could change at anytime… as for the girl of #UHurtinMeGirl, she is thankfully just a mixture of unpleasant experiences I’ve had with both exes and girls I never made anything official with. I try not to make songs about one specific person on the off chance that they listen to it and get embarrassed. Hah.

A: Haha good thinking. I will stay tuned for some tunes from Yung Salad. Last question, is is you playing guitar on “dec 23rd, 2015”?

M: The guitar is the work of Lautlos, another member of Dior Sentai. We dropped a rare track from him as a part of our weekly premiere series, #SENTAISUNDAYS

Sorry readers for wasting a perfectly good opportunity to ask him if I could join Dior Sentai.  It turns out my final question was already answered here ->Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 7.30.36 PM

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