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Future – FUTURE

Future for those unfamiliar is the one that has popularized autotune in trap music.  The warble of the algorithm trying to correct a slur of rhymes created a signature Future sound.  He’s also the other guy in “Jumpman” that isn’t Drake, MetroBoomin or Taylor Swift.

I first heard Future when “Sh!t” leaked.  I still love that song.  It bangs.  Reminded me of the first time I heard DMX.  Then he dropped “Monster” in 2014 which had the hits “F*ck Up Some Commas” and “Codeine Crazy”.

Fast forward to 2017, the flute from “Mask Off” is viral af.  And the lyrics “Percocet, molly, Percocet” are attracting criticism for being flaccid or outright promoting pharmeceutical companies.

Future said on Instagram that this self-titled album was about making his weaknesses his strengths, and to bear with him during this time.  Perhaps he was referencing how gritty this album would be before dropping the lighter, more radio-friendly “Hndrxx” a week later.

The first place Future goes in this album is to talking about having an affair with someone’s partner and rubbing it in their face (“Rent Money”).  “Zoom” pokes fun at Desiigner for his machine gun ad libs.  Then he shows off his own ad libs on “Scrape” (skrr skrr) and “Im So Groovy” (mhm).

The skits add an extra dimension to a somewhat two-dimensional album.  The gram skit in “Rent Money” and the radio caller in “Flip”.  However, this extra dimension comes across as both ridiculing the impoverished (man who could not afford more than a gram), Asian anatomy (condoms that are guaranteed to break), and women who are desparate.

“Draco” is wavy, but it’s also riding Soulja Boy’s wave.  “Super Trapper” produced by Southside, feels like it could of been on “Savage Mode”.  It has the exact same keyboard melody as the title track of that album as well.

“POA” is when this album really turns up.  The tubular bells hanging in the back lit me up.  “I need a power of attorney / I’m ‘bout to fuck up some M’s.”

Listen to this interview clip with Lucki to gain a better insight “Mask Off”.

If you’re reading the paper version of this review, basically what Lucki says is this song is that drug talk.  You can tell Future is free styling and actually on the Percocet and molly.  Especially in the line “Pink molly / I can barely moove-”.

“High Demand”  is about how high the demand is for his music.  This is one of those flex on the haters ballads.  The chorus is so good.  He zoots through the lines “I just popped open a seal, I’m on X”, “I float off Earth, always float of Earth”.

“Outta Time” has a funkier vibe.  “Might As Well” is a stripped down display of Future’s talent.  The siren tag plays at the start of “Poppin’ Tags” to cue the listeners that this is in fact a banger.  “Massage In My Room” is just gross.  A gross beat plug-in is employed in “Flip”.  “When I Was Broke” pays homage to a woman who stayed with him despite his lack of finances.

“Feds Did a Sweep” is one of better tracks on the albums as a whole along with “POA”, “High Demand” and “Mask Off”.  Above all, this track actually has a positive message for his listeners, that is, to link up and put an end to the Prison Industrial Complex.

“The homie tried to plead insanity … started cookin’ work and skippin’ chemistry.”

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