rara avis 5/22/2016

all tracks by autechre except when noted

8:00 pm




second scepe



latent quarter


9:00 pm

gescom – Key Nell


arch carrier


zeiss contarex

eidetic casein


Gantz Graf

10:00 pm

gescom – Iss:Sa




irlite (get0)

artov chain

13×0 step

spaces how V



Butterfly – “Broke”

So many of you reading this by now already know how To Pimp A Butterfly, but do you know how to break one?  Aidan Christopher Haughey, the mind behind deceased project Teenage Daydreams, opens up his 2016 anticipated album with the line, “Glued to my glowing, friend-like, fate”.  The song, “Ultra Connected Forever Alone”, is not an easy one to listen to, but if you test your limits then you will be able to seize the moment that Haughey is experiencing, which is an intense desire to feel an intimacy that doesn’t exist.

“You Can Not Win” is another song that is a rewarding listen as it has a seamless transition from the verse using a clean guitar riff and vocal repetition that makes the the word “here” carry a ton of weight.  The drums and bass guitar are both evenly mixed which is pleasant as well.  If you’re looking for some posi vibes then tune into the song “Just a Distraction” for its uplifting and fun sound.  Embrace that distraction, because the album gets really dark for the next 10 minutes (“Little Hitlers”, “Been Through Dying”, “Accidental Chore”).

Thankfully, it gets back on its feet realizing “Love Does Exist” and there is “Human Honey” which I took for an analogy for the last of the viscous emotion dripping out from Aidan’s soul.  Its the most beautiful song I’ve heard in a while.  Definitely a “Something in the Way” moment for the album.

genre: noise rock

Lil Yacthy – “Lil Boat” [mixtape]

Rec’d Tracks: 4, 6, 7!!!, 8!, 9, 10, 11, 12!

Res: all

This debut mixtape from this red-dredded rapper is fun and funny.  It opens up with “Just Keep Swimming” sampling Pixar’s Finding Nemo while Lil Yachty is calling for his little brother, “Lil Boat”.  He flows on it like he’s walking on seashells, prepping the listener for the stories he has to tell.  “Wanna Be Us” has a video accompaniment, and strong hooks.  “Minnesota” features Quavo of Migos and Young Thug even appears for a little verse.  “Not My Bro” is refreshing.  He starts weighing out the pros and cons of success, still flexing, but sounding a little more self-aware.

“Good Day” is real breezy, and full of posi vibes.  Skippa Da Flippa comes in for some classic bars.  Digital Nas puts together one of the nastiest beats for “Up Next 2”.  Lil Yachty goes the fuck in on this one and BigBrothaChuba doesn’t hesitate to pick it up where Yachty leaves off.  But when Byou comes in.  Oh my lord.

“I’mma hot box in the drop top/
Now the coupe look like a crock pot/
Old school cubes in my ear/
Damn they looking like Macintosh… ”

And it only gets better.  His raw delivery is even caressed by Yatchy himself who exits the track with a meta dialogue about Lil Boat, D. Nas and himself.

“Run/Running” has a stunning Super Mario 64 beat by Earl & E-Bundles.  Yachty does his autotune wails over the top.  “Never Switch Up” is about how no matter what happens, he won’t let fame get to his head.  He promises to never switch up on his friends and be true to himself all the while.

The last portion of the mixtape is his breakout hit “1Night (Prod. Burberry Perry)”.  “Out Late” is the first time we get a lovesong from Yachty.  His apology comes out in “Fucked Over”, which while produced by Ducko McFli, the beat sounds a lot like the one in “1Night”.  “I’m Sorry” and “We Did It (Outro)” are pretty self-explanatory.  Downer and upper.  Hope you enjoy this one as much as I did.

genre: trap and flex

Nothing – Tired of Tomorrow

Rec’d Tracks: every other track

Solid. (Newest release Run For Cover Records [RFCR].  Bassist’s band [Whirr] dropped from RFCR for insincere tweets about hardcore punk band, G.L.O.S.S. [Girls Living Outside of Society’s Shit].  RIYL: Ringo Deathstarr, Pity Sex, Whirr.

genre: shoegaze

Veil – “Mud” [single]

The new Veil track unveiled by Bobbi Wilson (Vulcano Baby) is filled with fuzzy warmth and coos that slightly less than understandable.  The punchy drums are decently mixed but sound a little stock (particularly the clap and toms).  Nonetheless, “Mud” has plenty of reasons to keep listening, as the cymbals pan and a chaotic guitar riff glides in around the second verse.  The catchy bassline during the chorus makes “everything good” and if you listen to this before falling asleep you will appreciate the line “I’m hearing they want to turn the light out“.  Interesting electronic artifacts ring, zip, stutter and dial up.  It fades out nicely making it a great closing track to any soundcloud playlist.

genre: “sad pop”

Violent Femmes – “We Can Do Anything”

First album in 16 years.  Now signed the PIAS Records.  Gordon Gano still sounds like he did when he was in high school.  Punk music played on the acoustic guitar with creative vocals.  The album’s cover art was done by the keyboardist of Barenaked Ladies.  “Memory”, “Foothills” and “Untrue Love” are the only songs I would recommend.  Its much looser and lyrically uninteresting in comparison to their self-titled from 1983.  This album sounds like old buttocks.  Give it a listen ;).


Rara Avis 4/24/2016

rara avis 4/24/2016

8:00 pm

Huerco S. – Transit (See See Rider)

Tessela – Luv Mix

Blawan – Diatonic Valves

Blondes – inner motive

Parassela – A1

Parassela – Untitled (ft. Pariah)

South London Ordnance – Contact

Lucy – Finnegan (Pariah Remix)

Slam – Make You Move

Blawan – Rubber Industry

Tessela – Total Music (Original Mix)


Brian Eno + David Byrne – Very, Very Hungry

Brian Eno + Daniel Lanois – Distant Village

Michael Brook – Lakbossa

Jon Hassell – Datu Bintung At Jelong

Jon Hassell & Brian Eno – Charm (Over ‘Burundi Cloud’)

Brian Eno – The Lost Day

Review of Rihanna’s “Anti”

Just a heads up.

I f*** with Rihanna.

So don’t think I’m playing around when I’m writing this up.  (KSUA has been notoriously anti-Top 40 since the 90s, so covering Rihanna whose at #1 right now turns us on our heads.)

Rihanna’s been showing off how little she cares in the press and working with semi-underground artists for her newest and well- anticipated album, “Anti”.

The standout single, “Work” is no more challenging than “808s and Heartbreaks” is today after this “Indie” sound has become undistinguishable from mainstream hip-hop and club music.

As for the rest of the album, there a vibes of neo-soul, trap bangers and old-school Rihanna ballads.

The electric guitar on “Kiss It Better” is obnoxious and sounds displaced like the one in Sosa and Ye’s “I Can’t Hold My Liquor” from 2013.  The acoustic guitar, however, allows Rihanna to really let out her emotions in the track “Never Ending”.

“Woo” is further proof that Rihanna and Travis Scott are dating for those who care.  “Desperado” is one of the least interesting songs on the record for sure.

What would we do without DJ Mustard.  The man delivers a brooding bass track with filtered vocal cuts and Rihanna morphs into the next FKA Twigs.

“Same Ol Mistakes” is a must hear.  Its produced by the frontman of Tame Impala for those who don’t know.  Ah, now your hear it… oh yeah.

“Goodnight Gotham” is the most out there song instrumentally, and “Sex With Me” for those who listen to the bonus tracks is the most out there lyrically.

Lastly, “Pose” is the closest jam to “B***** Better Have My Money”, and I am so tired of “Work”.

Work, work, work, work, work, work
Work, work, work, work, work, work!
Dirt, dirt, dirt, dirt, dirt, dirt!
Work, work, work, work, work, work





Rara Avis 3/27/2016

Rara Avis 3/27/2016



oneohtrix point never – bubs

spencer nilsen – st. gabriel’s mask

laurel halo – nebenwirkungen

lukid – manchester

huerco s – skug commune

actress – shadow from tartarus

autechre – tankakern

phoenecia – IV port

pinch & shackleton – levitation

demdike stare – mnemosyne

aphex twin – tha

polygon window – quino phec


cristoph da babalon – brilliance

jan jelinek – happening tone

sleeping town manufacture & unit 21 – blooming woods

darkstar – hold me down

david sylvian – the beekeeper’s apprentice

Jim Cole & Spectral Voices – All Within Your Heart And Mind

stars of the lid – down 3

jesús rico pérez – a never ending winter


daedelus – experience

the georgia guitar quartet – invocation (with wind chimes)

clark – ted (bibio remix)

salvatorin – sleeping among pines

salvatorin – an encounter with a winter midnight fairy

salvatorin – cataract (settled nether mix)

garon blodgett – pashtun celestial

garon blodgett – patah screwed

garon blodgett – badamp 3

garon blodgett – mono no aware

garon blodgett – note to self (a lullaby)

Rara Avis – 3/6/2016


miles davis – in a silent way/it’s about that time again LP version
demdike stare – all this is ours (sunrise)
various artists – ladrang wilujeng
jan jelinek & triosk – distant shore
deru – midnight in the garden with ghosts
salvatorin – pediatritian
brian eno & harold budd – wind in the lonely fences
miles davis – nem um talvez
terry riley – celestial valley
midori takada – catastrophe ∑
geinoh yamashirogumi – falling as flowers do – dying a glorious death
aphex twin – stone in focus
boards of canada – kiteracer 2

Rara Avis – 2/28/2016


nusrat fateh ali khan – allah hoo

Ranganayaki Rajaopalan – sarasiruha

Haruomi Hosono – “Down to the Earth“ from Mercuric Dance

Ryuichi Sakamoto – “A Rain Song” from Esperanto

Mkwaju Ensemble – “Ki-Motion” from Ki Motion

Haruomi Hosono – “Air Condition” from Philharmony

Mariah – “Shisen” from Utakata no Hibi

Yasuaki Shimizu – “(Untitled Pieces for Bridgestone)” from Music for Commercials

Mkwaju Ensemble – “Lemore” from Mkwaju

Seigen Ono – “Mallets” from Seigen

Masahide Sakuma – “WINDOWS/Hi!!” from Masahide Sakuma

Geinoh Yamashirogumi – “Agba’a” from Africa Genjoh

Yasuaki Shimizu – “(Untitled Piece for Tachikawa)” from Music for Commercials

Danceries – “Grasshoppers” from End of Asia

Phew – “Closed” from Phew

Haruomi Hosono – “Windy Land” from The Endless Talking

YMO – “Loom” from BGM

Takashi Kokubo – “Electric Fantasy (Pops)” from Electric Fantasy

Ichiko Hashimoto – “Opening the Door of the Heaven, There Overflowed the Orange Shine” from Ichiko

Yasuaki Shimizu – “Hako” from IQ 179

Geinoh Yamashirogumi – “Primordial Germination” from Ecophony Rinne

Ippu Do – “Sorrow” from Night Mirage

Joe Hisaishi – “In the Polluted Sea” from Nausicaä: Valley of the Wind OST

Haruomi Hosono – “The Truck on the Sea/Wheels on Fire” from Paradise View OST

Masashi Kitamura + Phonogenix – “Variation II” from Prologue for Post-Modern Music

Joe Hisaishi – “A Virgin & The Pipe-Cut Man” from Curved Music

Ryuichi Sakamoto – “Kokubousoushou” from Royal Space Force OST

Ryuichi Sakamoto – “Japan/Coda” from Coda

Eitetsu Hayashi – “Karabinka” from Messanger of the Wind

Hara Masumi – “Blue Night” from Imagination Exchange

Mu Projekt – “Mi Na Penda Sana Uya” from Asia Dream

Yoichiro Yoshikawa – “Nettai Gunchou Zu” from A Dream of Aku Aku

Chakra – “III” from Satekoso

Ryuichi Sakamoto – “Portfolio (Nomura Shoken CM 1988)” from CM – TV

Testpattern – “Ring Dance” from Apres Midi

D Day – “Sweet Sultan” from Grape Iris

Ryuichi Sakamoto – “Howdy (NTT CM 1984)” from CM – TV

Koharu Kisaragi – “Depato” from Tokai No Seikatsu

Haruomi Hosono – “Samidare Goma Kitou” from Tale of Genji

Sandii – “Shantih” from Eating Pleasure

Masami Tsuchiya – “Nightgulls” from Alone

Takashi Kokubo – “Playing Among the Gods” from Volk Von Bauhaus

Geinoh Yamashirogumi – “Reincarnation” from Ecophony Rinne

After Dinner – “Paradise of Replica” from Paradise of Replica

mix courtesy of Spencer Doran @ http://rootstrata.com/



Cool emo band from Massachusetts.  Dabbles in post rock territory during the opener (“INTRO”) with the slow guitars, but the pummeling drums make it quickly cathartic.  The bass is very present, and zipping guitar lines occasionally recall Mogwai (these post rock giants from Scotland).

“SHADE” is like if Tiger’s Jaw added a three somewhere in their name, and became really husky in their vox and low frequencies.  TRAU CHOI is definitely passionate, but I can’t help but think of early 2000s post-grunge when I hear the singer (3 Doors Down, Three Days Grace, etc.).  Harmonies help, but also aid them in sounding generic.

They get real mathy in “SPIN”, and the tone on the distorted guitar is crispy.  The lyrics are heartfelt, saying vertigo-never let you go, or maybe they’re crazy, I can’t tell anymore.  There is one f-bomb, thus would not be safe outside of safe harbor hours.  There a whole lotta whoa-ohs too if you’re into that sort of thing.

In “CELLAR” the vocals are just toned down enough from excess without being stale.  Its a really fine balance they’ve managed.  The bass laden melodies are heavenly, and the guitar lines are fine.  TRAU CHOI’s drummer (Joe?) is also skilled and subtle electronics are a nice touch.

Ultrademon – Redux

Fifth album, and the first that is a free download.  “Yr So Wet” kicks in at 140 bpm exchanging vocal samples and piano chords in its pattern sequences.  Chimes, bubbles and mists spray their way into the mix to dance in tropical synchronization.  Waterfall piano rolls and healthy panning make it an excellent way to say seapunk has not gone anywhere in the last three years but forward.

“Encore” treats us the same way.  Intricate dance lines and morphing synths make us feel neither in past nor future.  The uh vocal followed by the yeah is impossible to disagree with.   Clap ya hands now y’all.

“Bahrain” is a really fun track. It winds up into a drop around the 1:11 mark.  We get taken under a watery marimba medley, with some brisk screams.  Lush harmonies glide across in a building nascar sample and bass flatulence drop.

“Just Fine” is a track that escalates continously.  Very bubbly, and layered.

“Weedtangclan” has a sped up Amen break and club vocals with synthesizer chords.  Mid way through is a monologue that sounds like (the) RZA.

“1996” is a re-release from Ultrademon’s debut album ‘Seapunk‘.  Instead of the call and refrain duet sample, he inserts much more subtle vocals samples that say “you” and a Rustie-like arp.  Which is interesting given that Rustie’s lastest ‘EVENIFUDONTBELIEVE’ features dolphin samples.

Kanye West – The Life of Pablo @ YEEZY SEASON 3

TLOP is off to really great start with “Ultra Light Beams”.  It has Samoria and Natalie Green with a gospel verse, followed by Kanye and The-Dream singing about a God Dream (-_-).  Kelly Price has a really momentous section that is a must hear.  Finally, Chance the Rapper appears… and damn.  The man switches flow over piano swells.  Lastly, Kirk Franklin enters and preaches.

“Famous” and “Father Stretch My Hands Pt.1 & 2” feature some of Kanye’s worst lyrics.  Guy has got to stop being misogynistic in his lyrics if he wants to be taken serious about addressing any social issue.  Thankfully Rihanna and Desiigner save the song vocally.

Much like the album art, Kanye is constantly switching his focus between family embrace and self-indulgence.  The Lyrics from Pt. 2 address being too busy to make time for his wife, Kim Kardashian, and how its like his father.Ca80x62W0AIwi3Z

“Feedback” opens with a tweaked flute that sounds like a mad dial tone.  His flow is actually quite flawless here.  He bends to the will of the beat, but has his spine in tact.  “I been out of my mind, a long time.  I be saying how i feel at the wrong time. Money come when you want, but I’m on time.

This one is about Kanye waking up to himself, he is always addressing himself from an outward perspective.  It has a lot of remnant of “Yeezus”(West’s last album”), such as the overall feedbacking of the instrumentation and the sudden changes in the song.  This particular time however, it is like a show of Oprah where he is dishing out fur coats, jets, and booties.

Then the flute starts to blow out.  A string slings its way in with Kanye making growls along a bass thud.  The seemingly lack of infrastructure makes it feel far in avant garde field.  Hi-hats trigger with a hooting chant to bring it back into full swing.  Finally, it peters out and then comes one of Kanye’s best rants, because its not really a rant.  Its actually a speech.  About himself, but tongue-in-cheek.

After a nice testimony in “Low Lights”, we get bitter Kanye in “Highlights” talking about using a go-pro on his pelvis and stirs up nonsense surronding wife’s former partner.  He goes full wolf-mode (that ‘Yeezus’ zone), and talks about a bunch of sex.

“I Love Kanye” plays a second time during this particular live stream, the crowd goes wild all over again.

Conscious Kanye returns with “FML”, a really beautiful song about how he would give up his life for his kids.  It has the Weeknd, and a better climax than on “Fade” (from the final album version).  “Real Friends” was a single, along with “Facts”, “30 Hours”, and a snippet of “No More Parties in LA”.  Trust issues are never fun, and especially true when they lie in family (#fam).  “Wolves” has some Cashmere Cat production and Vic Mensa is replaced by Frank Ocean.

Watch the show here:  http://tidal.com/us/tidalxyeezy3-live

(photo from @kanyewest)

rara avis 1/24/16


tiger & woods – RA.239 Tiger & Woods – 2010.12.27

gas – untitled #1
gas – untitled #2
gas – untitled #3
gas – untitled #4
gas – untitled #5
gas – untitled #6
gas – untitled #7

broadcast and the focus group – what i saw

bibio – all the flowers

clark – dew on the mouth

neu! – vier 1/2

xela – sinking cadavers

infinity frequencies – mist

hype williams – dragon stout

kyriakos ioannou – lay them on the playground

mrx – themee

kyriakos ioannou – holding the sun

boards of canada – house of abin’adab

koji kondo – ghost attack

infinity frequencies – portals

aardvarck – ge-vat loop & biet niet

oneohtrix point never – grief and repetition

no pomo – ◖◖◖◖PORT◗◗◗◗

garon blodgett – no one is free

infinity frequencies – ghosts

onohetrix point never – behind the bank

owen gilbride – cosine

owen gilbride – oo-pad-g

boards of canada – uritual

autechre – notwo

angelo badalamenti – laura palmer’s theme

boards of canada – from one source all things depend