Review of Rihanna’s “Anti”

Just a heads up.

I f*** with Rihanna.

So don’t think I’m playing around when I’m writing this up.  (KSUA has been notoriously anti-Top 40 since the 90s, so covering Rihanna whose at #1 right now turns us on our heads.)

Rihanna’s been showing off how little she cares in the press and working with semi-underground artists for her newest and well- anticipated album, “Anti”.

The standout single, “Work” is no more challenging than “808s and Heartbreaks” is today after this “Indie” sound has become undistinguishable from mainstream hip-hop and club music.

As for the rest of the album, there a vibes of neo-soul, trap bangers and old-school Rihanna ballads.

The electric guitar on “Kiss It Better” is obnoxious and sounds displaced like the one in Sosa and Ye’s “I Can’t Hold My Liquor” from 2013.  The acoustic guitar, however, allows Rihanna to really let out her emotions in the track “Never Ending”.

“Woo” is further proof that Rihanna and Travis Scott are dating for those who care.  “Desperado” is one of the least interesting songs on the record for sure.

What would we do without DJ Mustard.  The man delivers a brooding bass track with filtered vocal cuts and Rihanna morphs into the next FKA Twigs.

“Same Ol Mistakes” is a must hear.  Its produced by the frontman of Tame Impala for those who don’t know.  Ah, now your hear it… oh yeah.

“Goodnight Gotham” is the most out there song instrumentally, and “Sex With Me” for those who listen to the bonus tracks is the most out there lyrically.

Lastly, “Pose” is the closest jam to “B***** Better Have My Money”, and I am so tired of “Work”.

Work, work, work, work, work, work
Work, work, work, work, work, work!
Dirt, dirt, dirt, dirt, dirt, dirt!
Work, work, work, work, work, work





My Bloody Reviews

Keezy & Sk8 God – “Departure To…”

Keezy of the Sky Division is a rapper based out of Anchorage, who like most Alaskan hip-hop artists, has had to go out of state to seek out a demographic that supports their music.  For Keezy this was Seattle, and we learn that in the first track, “Arrival”, which is an audio recording of his landing in the Sea-Tac airport.  “City on my Back” (feat. Peydey).

Peydey isn’t in the documentary video, but his verse has plenty of lyrical skill and speed worth mentioning.  Like the praised “Good Kid, M.A.D.D. City”, which told a story about Kendrick Lamaar’s childhood, “Departure To…” tells a story of the very time it is taking place in, with its snippets of conversation and new experiences.  “The Good Life” touches on warm temperatures and gives a shout out to his friends back home, doing work on the slope.

“Fill in the Blank” features retired Alaskan rapper Josh Boots, who became a realtor, father and husband after traveling to New York to record with producer RAWBEATZZ.  The arctic flow is there, with lyrics about economic reality, being white and whiskey.  When rapping about cooking, it vibes stronger with Action Bronson than Lil B.

“Harvest” has a sweet r&b vocal sample with classic boom-bap beat production.  How Keezy doesn’t know what would happen were he to fail in his pursuit of a rap career, but that he won’t lose faith simply because others are quitting.  How he has unfulfilled promises to his mother, and won’t stop working until he does.

Genre: AK hip-hop

ZAYN- “Pillowtalk” [single]

Zayn Malik, who disbanded from One Direction, is now taking on college radio with his new single “Pillowtalk”.  Its something like Justin Timberlake doing his own thing after N’SYNC.  A little dirtier and somewhat one-dimensional.  Best of luck to him and Shahid Kahn (Naughty Boy) in working this sound into something worth listening to (not recommended).

Genre: Slow Pop

『Drip Drop』 – “メカMECHA DREAMS   “

“◎◙◎ N.E.R.V. after hours ◎◙◎” is total bliss.  Chrono Trigger piano, Vocals sung in Japanese,  streaming water samples takes off with a live drum take and elevates until its dripping by the end.

“◌⚔◌ Gurren lagann ◌⚔◌ ” opens with anime dialogue and heavy bass drops in before being squeezed into a lofi filter and erupting its way out in key change.

“RX-78 ” stands out from the other songs on this EP, with its doo wop melodies that get industrialized with metallic chimes.  The tone is somewhere between Gundam Wing and Cowboy Bebop, but with a touch of Nujabes.

“❤☒☒ No Life ❤☒☒” is exactly what the song title implies.


Genre: Future Beats

Iggy Pop – “Gardenia” [single]

Iggy Pop is coming back with another album tiled “Post Pop Depression”.  He has recruited Josh Homme (of Kyuss, Queens of the Stone Age [QOTSA], Eagles of Death Metal, and more) to play guitar, bassist of QOTSA (Dean Fertita), and Arctic Monkey’s drummer.

The album started from a series of text messages between Homme and Pop with notes about the techniques David Bowie and Pop had used in the past.  The second track of the album, “Gardenia”, sounds like his late 70s work recorded with newer equipment (or restored) and musicians.  Spring reverb tanks and natural amp tremolo make the sound sweetly vintage.  A watery keyboard sits in the back, likely a Fender Rhodes.  At age 69, one cannot help but relate him to his deceased comrades, Bowie and Lou Reed, but in my mind he is still a street racin’ cheetah with a heart full of napalm.

Genre: Art Rock

Hungry Clocks – “One Day You’re Gonna Wake Up And I’m Not”

This whole album makes me feel warm.  Bernia Bousa sets his heart free in this momentary release.  It is compassionate, confessional, yearning and hopeful.  If you are unfamiliar with Bousa’s talent, find him at the Marlin Wednesday nights at ten hosting open mic.  He also plays in Barcelona Boys Choir, we he went from standing drummer to cruising bassist.  “One Day You’re Gonna Wake Up And I’m Not” is Bousa’s eighth bandcamp release, second this year, and first to feature percussion and electric guitar.  His effected melodies lay a watery layer for his signature acoustic to glide over.  The vocals seem to walk on this aural water, as he maneuvers through the branches of kicks and snares.

The entirety of Hungry Clocks was recorded on an iPhone.  I would have never known were it not for hearing it from Bousa directly.  The first song flies by in with its skittering rhythms and easy going tone.   At the same time it is brutally honest, and somewhat self-loathing. Listen to “A” as he sings about how he would love to be one who really cares, but struggles to be ever present for the one who this song about.  “Find My Way” has a beautiful chorus thats easy to sing along to, where Bousa shifts registers and climbs his way up in scale. “Her” has a gloomy essence about it.  I was reminded of The Cure at first, but I should know better than to reference a definitive goth band when reviewing Hungry Clocks.  The darkness of the track brings me back to “Crocodile Street” from Bousa’s 2014 summer release, “Bernie Yonderly”.

“Substance Coordination” is the most personal song I have heard yet.   I tried so hard to believe that I was immortal, and not filled with sorrow.  He admits to the pain he has caused to himself by upping his tolerance, since it hides his true feelings.  The lyrics tell it best.

A suffering meditation infected me so I’m different, I lost my resilience.

Affordable medication helped myself to be outgoing, to hide what I’m showing.

But like my tolerance, I’m too high, sometimes, I run out of love.



Red Prada Teaser

What sounds like a young girl crying,

morphs into a chilling song.


It starts off in an autotune overdub of the girl’s song which becomes the chorus of the track.

Tell me what you see, is it money or its me?

Its somewhere between Bladee and Drake.

Then the slow-down section…

I can do anything if i put my mind to it xX

with these Travis Scott-like shattered distorted vocals.

This evolves into an environment of glittered textures.

It bends into a cloud r & b tune with a bangin 808 kick.

The transition is almost Kanye, but then Prada flows…

<><><><><><><><><> 3:38 forget it…

I could cook crack inside the kicthen but i was raised up a lil different, cause this one for the livin.

Then a vocal sample enters, and is chopped up on the exhale.

Admit it\\\\\


What do you think?  Is Red Prada on your radar (along with “Swish”)?  Is he ripping off Travis Scott’s style?  Or is he just riding waves?


Leave a comment below if you agree, disagree, or neither and just want to share some music.

Review of “Shadow Living” by Veil

for lovers of slowdive, cranes, mbv, teenage daydreams

Check out: 1!, 2, 3, 4!, 7, 8, 9!
guitar tones are really beautiful
voice is softspoken
drums sound full of energy but subdued
mood is light
atmosphere breathy
Track 4, “Siphon”, has a TD tone to it.
“Fever” is garage rocking.
Album gets really interesting after this.  We have a lyricless track, “Grey”, which is almost droney in a sense.  Then “Heart Glow” has a throbbing bass line and less blurryness.  “Runaway” is energetic and fun, and finally “Above and Below” is a vivid image into the artists’ life.  She sings about how there is no one either above nor below, so why should she care to wash her clothes.  Its really introspective and telling.
genre: dreamy

October 2015


KSUA Music Review Form
Reviewer: Alan                                  Date: October 1st
Artist: Deafheaven
Album: New Bermuda
Rec’d Tracks: 4, 5
Comments: It’s that time of the year, where seasonal flavors coat our waking moments and make us feel warm inside.  Deafheaven, a shoegaze/black metal outfit, uses artic lyrical imagery and walls of prickling fuzz to make us feel the shift.  Crescendos break apart molds of still moments, and drift about in echos and ride cymbals.  The songs are lengthy, so they’re something you can put on and leave on.  Not particularly great if you are trying to get your daily dose of metal, but an excellent companion to a hot beverage.
Genre: blackgaze



KSUA Music Review Form
Reviewer:  Alan                                  Date: October 8, 2015
Album: …Belong
Rec’d Tracks: 1(cuz intro), 2(throwback), 3,  4! (for transitory depth), 6, (bright sound), 7 ( originally on Angeltown release by Orchid Tapes), 8!!, 10
Restricted: 10
Comments: Garrett Yim, electronic music composer and runner of record label Zoom Lens has released his second full-length album as Meishi Smile.  The web aesthetics are all well intact, and he does not stray far from the territory explored in LUST.  Notable differences are the vocals are higher in the mix, and the percussion has been steadied.  Static is used more as ambience than explosive song climaxes.  Still, the Japanese electronic shoegaze textures remain, and sound like danceable collateral damage.  Very aurally intensive.  Highly Recommended.
Genre: J-pop/noise



team sesh kings






goes on and on

drew the architect



curtis heron




sometimes music should speak for itself

while this blog space could be used as rehashment for musical banter

its not very necessary

this music has clean guitar and trap hi-hats

its beat oriented

moods could be invoked from it

6:34 of the YT vid has a sweet gif


i want to get lost in this

but i also want you to so im gonna shut up



shawn holley is the new jay reatard


listening to colleen green

talking bout adam green


hearing bout sam jane

remembering love is laughter


sub pop in two months

jack endino and jest commons


bob and steven the robot


tara and yana


bernie and i


alex and homies



photo cred: Tara Christman

(taco in the middle)

Fairbanks Music





Living in Fairbanks and finding a show to go to every week is not difficult at all.


Why does not everybody go to a show every week?


Some people would say its because they have homework.


Others would say its because they would rather stay home.


Occasionally, people could say its because they already went to the same show the week before, and do not feel like paying cover charge to see the same thing when its already fresh in the back of their minds.


Most people I have asked don’t give an answer however.


Most people I know, don’t listen to KSUA either.


Most people I know, don’t give a shit about music in the first place.


Most people I know have strong opinions on art and music.


Most people I know, like to talk about their favorite things.


Most people I know don’t like other people having the same favorite things as them.


Most people I know like to relate to others and not feel alienated.


Most people I know are embarrassed to dance, and like to talk over listen.


Even at shows.

People go to bars to talk.

Bars pay bands to play music.

Musicians are never heard.


Here are some musicians from Fairbanks that never get heard.










The size of these album arts were selected in at random in the pattern of the tabs open, and to give a visual array.


People don’t hear (I don’t hear) these artists because they are among the few that put themselves into the music without a care of who will actually spend money or want to hear them.   They only care about those who would seek them out.  They have already provided their part.  If you don’t know about them, check them out.  If you like them, spread the word so that they can be appreciated by venues.  If that would happen, then maybe you could go out to see someone you like and care about all at once.


WA: A Musical Journey

After seeing a tour dates posted on Tumblr by Death Grips, I texted my boss in attempt to share the joy of good news.  The rest of the KSUA team had just been finishing up at SXSW 2015 as I was visiting family deep South.  Death Grips being broken up in Summer of 2014 similataneously releasing a pt 1 of a double album and teaser instrumental one for the second, loves to mess with their internet fans.  The only true single at the time for the upcoming album was “Inanimate Sensation”, a track that be screamed and shouted by fans on one June night.  11:35

The next mission was to go to Olympia’s K records, and take a tour of Dub Narcotic Studios.

While there was a free showcase coming up, it would be a couple weeks after we had already left.

Instead, my partner and I settled for a local show at a bar called the Obsidian that had Stumptown coffee, and a reddish dark back room.

Unfortunately, in such thriving music town such as Olympia, one has to choose between shows that are slated for the same time, or you could hop between the two.

Down the road was a bar called Le Voyeur, the bands playing there were contributing to KAOS’s Olympia Experimental Music Festival project.

KAOS had been very kind to me, when I visited Evergreen College giving me a tour of their studio.  This was nice since I did not have time to visit Dub Narcotic Studios, and settled for an online video of theirs.



IMG_0463 IMG_0464







KAOS Olympia has an interesting Japanese music selection.  Also, fun fact, Nirvana played one of their earliest shows in a dorm at Evergreen college before putting out a recording of their KAOS performance.


Going back and forth from Le Voyeur and Obsidian, we stopped at Obsidian to hear to await their acts.

The first one who played was a girl with an assortment of pedals, tape machine, and mic.  She sat on the floor and layered drones with her voice in a unique way.  RIYL: Pharmakon, Grouper, Puce Mary

Up next was the Melissas


and finally,


Box played.



Here’s some more decent Olympia music that I’m feeling 






1, 4, 7

Friendzone, an East Bay duo, has put out a compilation of songs with elements of swing and future garage.  It complements their earlier electronic and footwork style of the past.  They open with a darker sound unlike that of “Solarflare” or the majority of DX.  The third song is real grand, the fourth is 8-bit ish.  “Wishes” is an ambient segue.  “Glass Run” is vocal samples.  Magic is the peak of the album.




Don’t Bother Me I’m Crying





Elite Gymnastics

from Acephale

nast k



1, 2, 5, 11