Album Reviews: November 26, 2013

Artist: M.I.A.

Album:  Matangi

Rec’d Tracks: 2, 5, 7, 11, 12, 14


M.I.A bringing the heat once again. This time around she uses rave beats, gutteral repeats on voice loops, and other neat crap. First track and a few others open with oriental string melodies then groove into the electronic based song. She goes in really hard by the second track, talking bout getting manifestos presto. “Come Walk With Me” is a friendlier track that elevates later on, “Sexodus” features the Weeknd, and has those soaring choruses. “Bad Girls” has a pretty good synth chiefing, its catchy, but not really something I like to be singing suddenly. “YALA” the reponse to YOLO is super bangin, as is “Bring the Noize”, with its backdropped sample for the main line.

Genre: bangerviolence

Artist: Alex G


Rec’d Tracks: 1, 2!, 3, 6!


“Sleeping” opens with clean and grit guitar soundchecking, well sounds like normal strums, but then the constant rise happens with falsettoemo vox. So it sort of starts at the 1 minute point. Then it abrubtly turns to “Paint” which has a industrial beat loop and chimes. A blistered bass line joins with paddling pikmin voices, and it just sounds tts. The next track has the dirty beat again but its all bitcrushed. Theres a one liner, and sudden clarity then with “Amof”. This track loop uses quirky pinched notes over a boc pace. “LUCY” is from an earlier Alex G release. Since PAINT is short I burned this at the end of it. Its a solid two tracks. Similar to PAINT, but more like a mix of Sleeping”s guitar, and Tripped’s singer. The last is basically an oldtimey ballad of the other.

Genre: lofi looping with hushed singing



Album:  LUST
Rec’d Tracks: 2, 5, 6, 7, 8


Meishi Smile debuts from Orchid Tapes with this lively bliss of electronic tunes. Lots of swell pumping and digital keyboards over house beats. Every other track has vocoder vocals. The First four lay out the basis of sound the album works off, with the third being toned down and a little ambient minus the kick,. By the fifth, “AI”, the the melody is more split and the rhythm drags with the swaying latency. “Honey” has good emotion, and the final track is the fastest. Tap tap tap-tappity-

Genre: techno pop

Artist: The World Will Tear Us Apart

Album:  Teenage Jesus and Casualties EP
Rec’d Tracks: 

Comments:  Sounds like chilling on a street curb being fooly cooly,

First ones got that twinkly slow structure with Japanese lines and the title being in English obviously. The next has well filtered analog beat sequences, resonant bass, and synth walls. A funk guitar flutters in and out and a boy and girl trade off lines. The third has a chirstmasy swing to it, with its country acoustic and iced keys. The fourth is remix of the third and turns it into a more gamey electronic song with female vocals instead.

Genre: j-post-pop

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